Data Recovery of USB Flash Drives

When you lose data from a USB flash drive, there are a few potential avenues of recovery at your disposal. The specific route you take will rely entirely on the type of data corruption that you are dealing with. If you are dealing with logical data corruption from a virus or otherwise corrupted file, you will take different steps than you would with a physically damaged USB flash drive. No matter what type of data loss you are experiencing, you should absolutely consider the benefits of working with a qualified data recovery specialist when trying to get back corrupted data.

The Causes of Data Loss

Data loss can be caused by a number of contributing factors, including viruses and corrupted files. Data recovery technicians generally break up data loss into two major categories known as logical damage and physical damage. These two different types of damage will have a huge impact on the steps you will take to recovery your lost data. While the common thread of utilizing a professional will likely remain the same between both methods, they are otherwise very different processes. When you understand how logical data corruption is different from physical damage to the drive itself, this will become very easy to understand.

With logical data corruption, the problem is within the files themselves. Perhaps you downloaded a virus that compromised the files you want to access, or perhaps you did something to the files that caused a glitch. Since logical data loss deals with the software itself, the data can often be recovered through the use of software. You are also much more likely to get back a higher-quality level of restored data when the damage is logical damage. While this is not always the case, it often is.

Physical damage to the drive is exactly what it sounds like, and recovering data from a physically damaged drive is a much more difficult and involved process. Depending on the level of damage the drive has sustained, you may need to send the flash drive away to a specialized facility for repair. At the facility, any broken or malfunctioning components of the hard drive can be replaced and data can be recovered. Since a USB flash drive is not nearly as complex as an external hard drive, physical damage is not common from simple operational use. However, these drives are also thrown around a lot more than external hard drives, so the potential for physical damage is therefore increased.

Recovering Data: When to Do it Yourself and When to Hire Someone

Deciding on whether to handle your data recovery on your own or through a specialist will depend on a few important factors. First, you need to look at the extent and type of damage you are looking at with the drive. Second, you need to consider how important the data is to you or your business. Finally, you should look into the cost-effectiveness of each option individually.

Logical data corruption can sometimes be handled by the use of consumer-grade software that has been designed for ease of use. These software options can be expensive, but they are designed in a way that makes them easily understood by even the most untrained person. If the damage is very extensive, you should consider talking with a data recovery specialist instead of doing it yourself. This is because a specialist will be able to bring years of experience to bear on the problem, which can resolve the issue much faster. It can also be helpful to have the extra resources these professionals will often have at their disposal.

When you are dealing with physical damage to your USB drive, you have significantly fewer options available to you. Fixing physically damaged drives will often require a dedicated facility with the components and work-space necessary to get effective results. These are resources that you may not have ready access to, especially if you are not a technologically-minded person. When you factor in the added potential for causing further damage to your drive, it just makes sense to work with a professional recovery specialist for physical damage issues. It could end up saving you from making mistakes that further harm your drive.

Recovery is Cost Effective

No matter which of these options they go with, business owners will almost always save money when working with data recovery specialists. When you factor in the amount of time it would take to enter all of that data back into your system from scratch, this becomes obvious. Instead of paying an employee to enter this data or doing it yourself, it is much more cost effective to pay someone to recover the data you already have. Aside from this obvious cost-cutting effectiveness, it is also smarter to work with professionals on these matters.